Equine Assisted Learning & Coaching

EALC (equine assisted learning & coaching) is the field of personal growth and development with the horse as co-coach. The work is done on the ground and/or in the saddle and is something anyone can participate in, not just those interested in horses. The work is expedient, efficient, and effective  and much ground can be covered as you unlock your potentials and possibilities.

The What

Horses don’t lie. So what they see is who you are in a given moment. The beauty of which is that change can begin to happen in the first session. Once a client steps into a place of awareness the work takes off. It is 3D in nature in that you are able to see yourself for who you are as reflected back to you by the horse. The tricky part is stepping into a place of ownership and taking responsibility for your actions, who you are, and how you are showing up. Not always an easy thing to do because the ego gets in the way, but a necessary part of personal growth and development. Again horses don’t lie. As a client begins to experience positive or desired responses from the horse, change starts to happen. Results are clear and evident as mirrored back to you by way of the horse.

Accountability, confidence, communication, partnership, mindfulness, stress reduction, being present, integrity, letting go, connections, fear, team work, skill building, leadership, are just some of the benefits of EALC work.

A simple example of this was an instance in which I had to go to an important meeting. I was dressed up but still had some horses to bring in. Aggravated at myself for not doing it sooner; annoyed that I would get dirty; frustrated that I would be late; I marched out into the pasture with halter in hand. I pride myself on being able to catch any horse at any time in an open pasture, but on this particular day, not a one of them would come near me and scooted off just as I drew close. I knew instantly that I had to adjust my energy and how I was showing up. As I quickly centered myself, quieted my stress, I was able to proceed forward and gather the necessary horses. I also took note that perhaps I should go into my meeting with this new energy verses my earlier energy! Lesson learned! Although a simple example of EALC, consider the bigger picture as you begin to take an honest look at yourself with the help of the horse.

The How

Horses are mirrors to what really lies inside YOU. You cannot escape the energy that is you, which in turn is reflected by the horse. You can’t run. You can’t hide. No excuses accepted.  Just straight up honesty from the horse to you.  As you interact with the horse, I work with you as well to help breakdown the information being presented so that you can begin the work towards becoming a better YOU.

A case in point. A client who is such a people pleaser that she lets others walk all over her, struggles with setting boundaries. For her it is far easier to just give in than to stand up for herself.  When I first met her, it didn’t take me long to realize this by the manner in which she let the horse walk all over her … literally. When I asked her why she allowed the horse to just push her around, her response was, “It’s what he does.” YIKES! And the work begins here. Needless to say, as the sessions progressed so did her ability to set boundaries and no longer be a doormat for anyone.

The Why

Because YOU will grow, evolve, and change. Because it is expedient, efficient, and effective.

I have worked with horses – and lots of them  – for 30 years and I can honestly say that I am in daily “coaching sessions” every time I step into the paddock or arena with them. The learning is endless and all encompassing. If you choose to listen you will learn. If you choose to see, you will grow. If you choose to be brave, you will empowered.

The Who

 If you are ready to move forward in your life to create positive, lasting change, this is for you. If you are looking for something that is expedient in nature and results oriented EALC is a great place to start. Being willing and coachable is key to positive results. Many people aren’t because the word “but” is always a part of the dialog. Yet for those of you who are willing to look in the mirror and take responsibility for yourself this is a GREAT place to start.

Sessions are open to groups, individuals, businesses, teens, kids, special interest, and more. We can be creative in designing a program to suit your needs.

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