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KinderRanch is an academic year long program (SEPT-MAY) for 4, 5 young 6 year olds. It is a program designed to teach kids in a “learn by doing” environment by working on the ranch with the chickens, sheep, horses, cow, etc. We work the ranch while learning leadership skills and life skills.

Each day begins with writing in our GRATITUDE JOURNALS and taking part in SPEECH CLASS. Being thankful for the world around us and the blessings we experience is an important life skill. Communication and being able to convey ideas is a necessary leadership skill especially on a working ranch.

As we work around the ranch, the kids learn important life skills and leadership skills allowing for an “I CAN DO IT” attitude. From here self-esteem and confidence begin to take root as important leadership skills such as cooperation, teamwork, problem solving, persistence, perseverance, and so much more happens!. We are a very busy group of ranchers and getting dirty on a daily basis is the name of the game!


RanchSchool program is for 7 and up (the occasional older 6 year old). It is a work program in which kids learn leadership skills and life skills by way of working on the ranch. It is a learn by doing philosophy. We do the actual work that has to be done on a daily basis to include but not limited to: feeding livestock; cleaning stalls; repairing fences and outbuildings; sheering a sheep in spring; building stuff that helps with ranch operations; filling/cleaning water troughs; putting bases in the stalls; handling horses, Tommy the donkey, Aby the cow, and all the chickens; stacking hay; soil preparation for the ranch garden; vet emergencies; farrier visits; and the list goes on and on and on. There is always something to do on the ranch, and although our day will begin in one direction, it could very well end up going in another direction, depending on what is happening.

Within the work is a whole plethora of learning opportunities to include the work ethic, perseverance, initiative, cooperation, team-work, communication, problem solving, initiative, independence, to name just  a few. From this a child’s sense of self grows as they learn, not only how to do stuff, but how to “be” with their peers and with me in a responsible and accountable manner.

If a student is accepted in the program it is important that they understand that they will be working outside in good and bad weather. There are no days off on a ranch. This is an outdoor program, and each day is 3 hours in duration, in which work needs to happen and be completed. After-all the livestock do not know how to clean, feed, or water themselves. 

I run a tight, safe ship and sometimes the road to learning is tricky for kids. But, once they understand and experience that thing inside that says, “I Can Do It”, they begin to grow in ways they did not know existed before. When kids work on a ranch something positive happens as they learn to look beyond themselves while taking care of animals and the ranch itself. And that is the real gift of participating in the program!

 The program is very unique, thus I require an interview to make sure it is a good fit for me, the student, and the parent.  If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

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