“My son Scotty has attended camps and ranch school at Chappell Ranch since 2013. There he has learned both academic and life skills through hands on experiences. He has gained self-confidence and leadership skills through problem solving, learning responsibility, having autonomy and digging inside himself to find his brave. Ranch offers a break from helicopter parents, rigid schedules and predictability. The duties of ranch call for quick thinking, adaptability, teamwork and most of all no whining! Weather, animals, the land and chores are constantly changing and shifting so being able to go with the flow is a requirement.  My son calls ranch his “real school”. I call it a “real” education.​”

Kristen Susan Peck
Minden Elementary – ECSE Teacher


Our daughter Mia started Ranch School as a 2nd grader. On her first day, she was nervous, anxious and worried that she would not be “big” enough or strong enough to do the ranch work. She knew she loved animals and because we homeschooled her, we knew this would be a great opportunity for her to make friends. After the first day, she hoped in the car and I waited for her to talk. I was anticipating “that was a lot of work” or “I’m not cut out for that”, but instead she said “I can’t wait to go back”. She told me about Miss Kim’s talks and how she taught them how to do each chore, in detail. She felt safe because of Miss Kim’s direction & she even had time to laugh and share her thoughts at lunch. She was comforted to hear that all of the kids were overcoming fears, just like she was. Two years later, Mia can’t wait to throw on her dirty muck boots to head to Ranch School. We have watched her confidence in herself grow tremendously & her work ethic has evolved as well. She understands that work and responsibility are important and that her part matters, so she needs to do her best! We really appreciate Miss Kim’s investment in our daughter these past two years. You won’t find another program that will teach your child these values: team work, work ethic, leadership, strong communication skills, over coming fears, building self confidence & for my daughter, bonding with the animals, to name a few. We would highly recommend Miss Kim’s program, and do, to anyone we know with kids.  

Alicia Insinna, RescueMe Abi, Founder/President


We are deeply grateful for the KinderRanch program for our 5 year old son! He started in the program after he had been asked to leave traditional preschool for behavioral issues. He has a ton of energy and had a hard time with transitions. I had gone from being the mom who had to pick her child up early everyday to the mom that couldn’t wait to hear the stories from the ranch that day! He absolutely thrived at The Chapell Ranch and his energy was channeled into the most amazing activities and projects. He learned how to “find his brave”, work as a part of a team but also how to work independently. His attitude and self esteem improved and he now finds such pride in helping others and figuring out how to solve problems on his own. This program is a game-changer and Ms. Kim creates an incredible environment for each child to thrive and grow! Our 4-year old will be in the program next year and we are currently working on a way to have Bodie skip Kindergarten one day a week to stay involved! I wish there was an adult program, I would enroll in a heartbeat!

Katie Bongard


My son joined Kinder Ranch at the age of four. He benefitted greatly from this program. Ms. Kim is a kind, strong, confident, and smart leader and teacher of children of all ages. Throughout his time in the program, he became more confident and sure of himself. He gained a variety of leadership and communication skills. He looked forward to class each week. He is learning responsibility on the ranch at a young age which transfers into his ability to be responsible in other areas of his life. We are committed to staying with the ranch program through his teenage years based on our initial year with the program.
Randie Farmer


Respect is huge at Chappell Ranch. Miss Kim respects each student as a unique individual. She gets to know them. The students respect each other. They work together. They teach each other and encourage each other. Miss kim inspires independent learning and excellence. The kids might think they’re building fences and grooming horses but they’re being prepared for a successful future. Young ranchers respect the animals.  They grow food. Every kid should be so lucky to have The Ranch School experience and a teacher like Kim Chappell.
Georgana Urton
Ranch School and Horse Camp grandma 2021



I am so, so grateful Vaughn got to have round 2 with you.  I think “Life Lesson Tune-Ups with Kim”  are a necessity every year for all of us. I was wishing today that I had a note pad to take notes of all of the encouraging words and teaching examples you gave. You are an amazing human and phenomenal teacher Kim Chappel, and I am so grateful we all get to learn from you.  Vaughn immediately said today that he wants to come back next year!

Thank you for making us all stronger!


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